About us

AMPLOY Resources & Services based in Mumbai – India, is a leading recruitment consultant and supplier of manpower in the Middle East. We provide end-to-end labor solutions to match the needs of various businesses, whether big or small. Our geographically dispersed footprint & global network of offices and suppliers enable us to provide our clients with professionally-trained and carefully-screened workers. At AMPLOY, we look at recruitment as an integrated process that requires a trusted partner rather than just a hiring agency. Our services extend across the whole human capital management cycle starting as early as resource planning & forecasting, to scoping labor needs with the help of our recruitment consultants, identifying the right talents, negotiating & contracting.

Committed to You

Our commitment to quality is unwavering and our rigorous screening process ensures our customers will not face unforeseen risks such as inefficient workers, unverified credentials, employee turnover, and legal issues.

We understand the Middle East Market

Building long-term relationship with our customers is at the heart of our business strategy. Our deep understanding of the Middle East market needs, our worldwide network of sourcing agencies, & our quality database of manpower talents have all made us the best choice for many organizations in the international marketplace.

Our Values

Our core values are driven by a desire to support the growing business community in the Middle East by facilitating access to skilled manpower, simplifying the talent acquisition process, & bridging the gap between employers and the labour market.

Transparency Breeds Trust

The founders of this organization have always been comfortable with the truth. They have practiced and cultivated a culture of transparency in the organization. It has proved to be instrumental in keeping strong & long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We’re Passionate about our Business

We promote accountability and responsibility in everything we do. We look at every job as a personal mission. It’s our “can-do” attitude that has been a key reason behind our success so far.

We Evaluate Customer Problems and Provide Solutions

We actively seek the point of view of our customers & spend a good deal of time analyzing their needs before starting the job. We strive to do it right at the first time.

We strive for Simplicity

Human capital is the key asset in many businesses. We continuously seek to simplify the acquisition of manpower to enable businesses to focus on their core competencies.

We Love Success

We measure what we do in terms of results and results only. As tough as this may seem, it’s the only way we ensure the consistency of our service quality and satisfaction of our clients with every job we do

Our Presence

We do not settle for the average, and thus do not wait for candidates to come to us. We go find them where they are. To provide you with the best out there, we have formed partnerships around the world at strategic locations from where we can source specialized labor and top talents to you. Here’s where we are present worldwide:

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